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I just got my fabric order for my new Retro Flower Garden original fabric collection from Spoonflower and I was so excited to make something fun right away! Never fear- you will be hearing much more about my new fabric collection in later posts, but for now I want to share this Free Tutorial on making a fabulous and fun Wine Bottle Gift Bag.

Wine Bottle Gift Bag and Slip on Wine Glass Coaster with Charms

Wine Bottle Gift Bag pictured with Slip On Wine Glass Coaster (free tutorial also on this site). Fabrics for bag and coaster from the Stitchwerx Designs original fabric collection: Retro Flower Garden available at

Paisley and Floral retro fabrics

Cut Fabric Panels- 2 of Each Fabric

First thing you need to do is purchase (or pull from your stash) some amazing fabrics. You’ll need:

  • (2) Pieces of Fabric A- 15.5 x 7″ (outside of bag)
  • (2) Pieces of Fabric B- 15.5 x 7″ (bag lining)
  • (1) yard of ribbon 5/8-3/4″ wide


Sew Fabric A & Fabric B panels together on one end

Sew Fabric A & Fabric B Panels Right Sides Together on One End

Once you have cut your fabric pieces, place 1 of Fabric A and 1 of Fabric B, right sides together and stitch one 7″ end using 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat for remaining two fabric pieces. Press seams open.

Fabric A & B panels sewn on one end

Panel Set Sewn Together at Top Shown from Right Side


Mark Fabric A Edges

Marks on Fabric A Long Edge Indicate Drawstring Opening

Place completed sections right sides together lining up the center seams. Measure 2.5″ down from the center seam on Fabric A (outside bag fabric) and make a mark on the long edge using a washaway fabric marking pen. Measure down 1″ and make another mark. This is your drawnstring opening. Repeat for the other Fabric A edge.

Sew side seam

Panels Ready to Sew Side Seam

Stitch a 1/2″ wide seam from the end of Fabric B to the 1st mark you just made on Fabric A. Leave the 1″ space unsewn.

Drawstring Opening

1" Space Opening for Drawstring

Start from the 2nd mark and continue your 1/2″ wide seam to the end of Fabric A. Press seam open.

Topstitch Opening

Topstitch Drawstring Opening

On the front side of the fabric, topstitch 1/4″ around the drawstring opening.

For Remaining Side

Sewing second side seam

Second Side Seam with Drawstring Opening Sewn About 1.5" on Each Side of Opening

Sew the 1/2″ side seam about 1.5″ on either side of the drawstring opening marks. (This makes it easier to turn and topstitch around the opening before finishing the rest of the seam.)

Topstitch second opening

Topstitch Around Second Drawstring Opening

After you stitch the part of the side seam, turn right side out, press, and do your topstitch around the opening.

Finish Second Side Seam

Finish Second Side Seam

Once you have done that, turn it back and complete the side seam in both directions.

Press Seam Open

Completed Side Seam Pressed Open

Press seam open.

Bag Bottom

Wine Bag Lining Side Out

Wine Bag Lining Side Out

Turn bag so that the lining fabric is on the OUTSIDE and all the raw bottom edges are even and side seams are lined up.

Wine Bag bottom edges pinned

Wine Bag Bottom Edges Pinned

Pin bottom through all layers.

Clip Corners

Corners Clipped Diagonally

Stitch 1/2″ seam across the bottom through all layers. Clip corners diagonally.

Now for a bit of a tricky part. (There had to be one, right?)

Fold bag bottom corner

Bag Bottom Corner Ready to Stitch

Flatten the bottom of the bag as shown in photo. Draw a line using a washaway fabric pen 1.5″ down from the point. Pin and stitch across. Repeat for the other corner.

Stitch bag bottom corner

Stitching a Bag Bottom Corner

This will make a rather neat bottom.

Trim Seam and clip corners

Bag Bottom with Trimmed Seams and Corners Clipped Diagonally

Trim off excess fabric as shown. Turn right side out.

Wine bag bottom

Wine Bottle Bag Bottom Right Side Out

This is what the bottom of the bag looks like turned right side out.

Drawstring Casing & Drawstring

Draw Topstitch guidelines

Guidelines for Casing Top Stitch Drawn with Washaway Fabric Marker

Use a washaway fabric marker to drawn stitching guidelines for your drawstring casing. I lined them up with the previous topstitching I did around the side openings.

Topstitch around bag

Topstitch to Form Drawstring Casing

With bag right side out, topstitch around the bag as shown. Topstitch 1/8″ from top edge of your bag for a neat finish.


Drawstring Inserted and Pulled Out Evenly Through Both Openings

Cut a 1 yard ribbon and use a safety pin on one end to feed it through the casing and back out. Stitch the ends together securely and pull the ribbon around so the stitched end will be hidden. Pull drawstring out from each opening evenly for handles.

Now all you need is a bottle of wine and you are ready to go! Here is a perfect accessory to go with your Wine Bottle Bag: fast, easy, and super cute Slip-On Wine Glass Coasters with Charms, another free tutorial from Stitchwerx Designs.

If you are looking for some great fabrics for your Wine Bottle Bag or any other craft project, please take a look at my original fabric designs for sale exclusively at my Spoonflower Shop. The wine bottle gift bag shown is made of fabrics from my Retro Flower Garden collection. Lots of fun and whimsical fabric with a retro style. Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

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