Free Coffee Cup Cozy (Java Jacket) Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Free Cup Cozy Sewing Pattern from Stitchwerx Designs

Free Cup Cozy (Java Jacket) Pattern comes in 2 sizes with your choice of Velcro or Button Closure options.

While hanging out at the local coffee shop with friends, I noticed the paper wraps for coffee and tea cups were not only always falling down, they were quite unattractive. (Gasp!) This really bothered me, and when something bothers me, I feel the need to fix it immediately.

The Stitchwerx Designs Free Coffee Cup Cozy (aka Java Jacket) Pattern is my solution to this pressing issue. This free sewing pattern comes in two sizes with your choice of Velcro or Button Closure options. So whip up a Cup Cozy and be the envy of the local coffee shop crowd!

The first thing you will need to do is download the pattern by clicking on this link: Stitchwerx Designs coffee cup cozy pattern. This pattern has two templates: 12-16 oz. and 20-24 oz. cozies along with a materials list and step-by-step instructions, but we’ll go through the steps here too. I won’t go through the entire materials list to save some time and space since you can get that right off the pdf pattern.

Let’s get started!

Just a note: Always prewash and dry your fabrics and batting to prevent cozy shrinkage in the wash! Many people think they can skip this step, but for best results, take the time to wash and dry first!

Choose the template for your cozy size and print it out at 100%. The 12-16 oz. size fits the most-used coffee/tea carryout cups. I made the larger (20-24 oz.) size for my daughter and her college roommate because they have those big reusable plastic cups. I also use the larger version because I am a 20 oz. smoothie drinker. The cozy keeps my hands from freezing and it just looks so darn cute!

Large size cup cozies

Large size cup cozies fit 20-24 oz. cups. Vertical stripes and Checkerboard Square Designs shown here are available in the Stitchwerx Designs etsy shop.


Cut out 1 each of front, back & batting using your selected template.Cut out Front, Back & Batting for Cup Cozy
Trim about 1/8” off the batting all the way around to reduce seam bulk. Fuse batting to wrong side of the back panel.Trim Batting & Fuse to Cozy Back Panel

Button Closure Version Only:

Cut hair elastic in half. Make a loop with 1 piece.Cut hair elastic in half
With right side of back piece facing up, position loop on right edge as shown in photo. Zig zag stitch loop in place.Make a loop with elastic & stitch in place

Both Versions:

Pin front to back right sides together & stitch using 1/4” seam allowance. Leave opening as indicated on pattern so you can turn cozy right side out.Pin cup cozy front to back & stitch leaving an opening to turn
If you are doing the Button Closure version, reinforce the stitching where the loop is sewn into the seam as shown below.Reinforce Seam over elastic loop for button closure version
Clip corners and curves being careful not to clip into seam. Turn right side out.Clip corners and curves of seam
Turn in 1/4” seam at opening and press. Stitch 1/8” from edge all the way around.Stitch 1/8" from edge all the way around

Velcro Closure Version Only:

Cut Velcro strips to fit about 1/4” inside cozy height. You can use 5/8″ – 1″ wide Velcro. Sew hook & loop Velcro strips in place on cozy as shown in photos. Cozies with Velcro closures are reversible by flipping cozy around and fastening Velcro the other way. How perfectly versatile is that?

Velcro hook strip on cup cozy back

Velcro hook strip on cup cozy back


Velcro loop strip on cup cozy front

Velcro loop strip on cup cozy front

Quilting (both versions):

You can machine quilt both versions at this point if you wish. This is optional. I like to quilt my cozies. You can do the freestyle quilting or straight lines, really whatever you want.

Example of Freestyle Quilting on Cup Cozy

Example of Freestyle Quilting on Cup Cozy

Button Closure Version Only:

After quilting, sew you button on as indicated on pattern.

Sew Button On Cup Cozy

Sew your button on as indicated on pattern. A shank-style button works best.


Your cozy is now ready for use! Take your cozy to the nearest coffee shop and let everyone admire your mad cup cozy making skills!Various Cup Cozy Samples

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