Crafting With Kids


Crafting With KidsNow that I am a grandmother, I get to do the fun activities I used to do with my kids all over again with my granddaughter. When my kids were small, most of our activities involved making something in one way or another whether it was baking, drawing, painting or crafting. I am a firm believer that children (and adults) learn by doing.

Fairy Headband Crafting

Fairy Headband Crafting

Hands-on creative activities sharpen children’s fine motor skills, improve problem-solving thought processes, and broaden imaginations. I have found that working on craft projects with my granddaughter has help improve my problem-solving skills and changed the way I view the world. I find it quite refreshing.

My Pinterest Board, “Crafting With Kids” has links to some really creative and fun projects to do with your kids. Here are also a few websites I love to browse for kid-friendly activities:

What are some of your favorite sites for Kids Crafts? If you have a tip for a great craft activity or website, please feel free to share! To find more Kid Friendly Craft Ideas, follow me on Pinterest. I love to share!

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