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Sewing Gathers Tutorial

Finished Garment with Gathered Ruffle

Gathers are an essential design element in many clothing and home decoration sewing projects. I use them in several of my own patterns. Making gathers may seem intimidating, but with a little practice you can master creating and sewing gathers. Gathers begin with two stitching rows on a long piece of fabric. The stitching rows are pulled to … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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How To Applique with Fusible Web

Finished Applique Using Fusible Web

What is Applique With Fusible Web? Appliques are shapes cut out from fabric which are then stitched to a base fabric. The fusible web technique is one that I love and use quite frequently. There are many brands of fusible web such as Stitch Witchery and my personal favorite, HeatnBond. The way it works is pretty simple. The … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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