Scrapbook Paper Photo Frame Christmas Ornament Tutorial


I love to do crafts with my granddaughter. Recently we made this photo frame ornament from scrapbook paper and other scrapbooking supplies. It was pretty easy and it made a great gift for Mommy and Daddy! Although this isn’t a needlecraft, I wanted to share it anyway.

Photo Frame Ornament From Scrapbook PaperIf you already scrapbook, you probably have plenty of supplies to complete this project. If not, a quick trip down the scrapbook supply aisle at your local craft store should have you in business in no time.

Photo Frame SuppliesMy photo featured my granddaughter helping decorate our tree with a Tinkerbell ornament that she really loves. Using that as a starting point, I picked out coordinating paper and decorations. Supplies you will need:

  • Glue stick or glue pen
  • Card stock weight paper
  • Decorations such as dimensional stickers or rick rack
  • Decorative Edge scissors (optional)
  • X-acto knife & cutting mat (or a safe cutting surface)
  • Marker
  • Tapestry needle and string to hang ornament
  • Photo Frame Cut Out PiecesSince my granddaughter is only 2, I cut out all my pieces before I started the assembly with her. It was safer (since I was using an X-acto knife) and easier to have it all ready when she came over.

Photo Frame Glue PhotoI used a card stock weight paper to make the inside frame. I cut a window about 1/4″ smaller all around than my photo cutout, so I could glue the frame over the photo. Use your X-acto knife and a straight edge to do this. Just make sure you are on a safe cutting surface.

Photo Frame AutumnI wanted to use two colors, so I cut another square 1/4″ larger all around than my first inside border. I glued that to the inside frame and photo. This sandwiches the photo between the top frame and next layer.

Photo Frame Add Rick RackI added rick rack as an inside border. I cut out a back from regular weight scrapbook paper about 1/4″ larger than my frame. I glued the front to the back. After that dried, I used some decorative edge scissors to cut the outside edge all around.

Photo Frame Add EmbellishmentsHere is our frame with stickers added. I used a tapestry needle to punch a hole for the hanger, but you can also use a small nail.

Photo Frame Add HangerUsing a tapestry needle makes it easier to insert your hanging string.

Photo Frame On Tree BackHere is a view of the back of the finished ornament. We glued decorations on the back and wrote her name and the year to make it a commemorative keepsake ornament.

Photo Frame On Tree Front ViewHere is our finished ornament hanging on the tree!

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