Ladder Stitch Tutorial


This is a photo tutorial showing how to do the Ladder Stitch. I love the Ladder Stitch and use it frequently for closing seams in projects such as pillows, stuffed plushie toys, or any seam I need to close with an invisible stitch. It also works great for repairs.

The¬†Ladder Stitch is formed by placing the stitches directly across from each other and through the fabric folds so they aren’t visible on the outside. In this tutorial I am using black thread so you can see the stitching, but of course you would want to use matching thread for your project.

Ladder Stitch first step

Insert needle into seam, bringing needle up to hide knot

Start by pinning your two sides together with the folded edges lined up with the machine stitched seam line. Insert your needle into the seam back just a little into the machine stitching bringing the needle up so you can hide the knot.

Ladder stitch step 2

Insert needle into the fold and bring out right on foldline

Now insert your needle into the fold of one side bringing it out right on the foldline about 1/8″ over.

Ladder Stitch step 3

Needle is inserted directly across from your first stitch into the fold

Next insert your needle into the fold of the fabric directly across from your first stitch, bringing it out through the fold about 1/8″ over.

Ladder stitch step 4

Continue making stitches directly across from each other into the fold

Continue going back and forth making stitches into the fold directly across from one another.

Ladder Stitch step 5

Give thread a tug every few stitches to tighten up and make stitches disappear

Give the thread a little tug every few stitches to tighten it up and make the stitching disappear into the seam.

Ladder Stitch step 6

At end of opening bring needle up through seam into the machine stitching

When you get to the end of your opening, bring your needle up through the seam just a few stitches into the machine stitching.

Ladder Stitch step 7

Insert needle again catching a machine stitch

Insert your needle again into the seam catching a machine stitch.

Ladder Stitch step 8

Bring needle out forming a loop with thread and passing needle through loop

Bring your needle out, forming a loop with your thread. Pass the needle through the loop and pull tight. Repeat this to get the thread secure.

Ladder stitch step 9

Insert needle and bring out in random spot through fabric

Once you have secured your thread, put the needle directly into the seam again and bring it out about an inch or so away in a random spot.

Ladder stitch step 10

Give thread a tug to pull knot down into seam

Give thread a tug to pull your knot down into the seam.

Ladder stitch step 11

Snip thread off

Snip thread off. It will just disappear back into your work.

Finished Seam Using Ladder Stitch

Finished Seam Using Ladder Stitch

Here’s a sample of a ladder stitch seam using matching thread.


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