Jasper Decorative Loop Crochet Collar for Small Dogs


Jasper Wearing Two Color Decorative Loop CollarThis is a fun two-color crocheted collar pattern I designed and crocheted for my little papillon, Jasper. The collar is easy to make and has a decorative loop pattern. It uses the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch. One thing that is really great about this pattern is that it can be adjusted to fit any dog or cat (or other pet) neck size and the finished collar slips easily over your pet’s head. It is also easy to attach a leash to a regular collar (worn underneath) by inserting the clip through the crocheted collar between the stitches and hooking it to the collar clip.

Decorative Loops on Crochet CollarAs the pattern is worked the loops are created and later woven through the one below to make the pattern.

Jasper Decorative Loop Crochet Collar Carrying Yarn ExampleI use a technique where I carry the yarn up the side of my work in this crochet pattern rather than cut off the yarn when I change color. You can learn more about this technique in my post: Changing Yarn Colors.

If you are like me, you are always looking for unique clothes and accessories for your small dogs. This crocheted collar is perfect for small dogs and works up very quickly.

Floral Embellishments Crochet PatternsThis crochet pattern also includes instructions for optional floral embellishments along with the collar instructions.

Flower pattern instructions included:

  • Five Petal Basic Flower
  • Bubbly Rolled Flower
  • Eight Petal Basic Flower
  • Two Color Five Petal Flower
  • Dimensional Three Color Flower
  • Corkscrews

The Jasper Decorative Loop Crochet Collar #C101 pattern is available for $2.50 in my Etsy shop along with several other crochet and sewing patterns for small dog clothes.


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